Tam Dawncaller

Tam’s family has owned the Dawncaller Ranch near the Khoonda plains on Dantooine. With his father inheriting the bol ranch and his mother from the Sylo family, Tam has farming in his blood.

But Tam had less interest in milking bols than in enjoying childhood. For his 14 years of life, Tam has felt stifled under his parents’ wings, except when allowed to run free around the countryside. His only friend was a small white fabool named Mr. Mace, and Tam could swear that there are times when the fuzzy little balloon-bird could even understand him.

Tam and his pet would go on exciting childhood adventures in the wilderness, from following Iriaz tracks to discovering that secret base that was abandoned long ago. As he’s matured, Tam has learned that the base was the staging ground for a terrorist organization, the Rebellion that has made recent news by destroying some Imperial space station. Since then, the Empire and its stormtroopers have been around a lot more...

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