Star Wars Golden Galaxy is a roleplay. It takes place 100 years before Star Wars: The Old Republic in 3,756. It is right after the True Sith Empire attacks the Reublic.

The Sith Empire attacks from the Unknown Regions. The targets are the Sluis Van Shipyards and the Rimma Trade Route. In an act of defense, the Republic decree war on the Empire. After the proclamation of the war, the Sith Empire and Sith come out of hiding and place their base on Koribban.

The Empire builds their Capitol and Training Academy in Dashdae. Soon enough, they grow the same armada size as the Republic's. After that, they strike at Ilum, taking control of it.

The Jedi bring up new students to learn the force and combat skills. Republic numbers grow, too. As the Great War begins...


Sign-Up ProcessEdit

It's simple to join, all you have to do is fill out this simple form, put it here and wait for permission to join. Then you can star simming in Star Wars Golden Galaxy/Roleplay

===Character Name Here===
====General Information====
'''Character Name:'''




'''Bio:''' (Atleast five sentences)

====Physical Description====





'''Class:''' (See Below)

'''Faction:''' (Either Republic, True Sith Empire, Jedi Order, Sith Order, Manda'lorian, Czerka, or Mercenary)


'''Weapon 1:'''

'''Weapon 2:'''

'''Weapon 1 Alt:'''

'''Weapon 2 Alt:'''


'''Land Vehicle:'''

'''Air\Space Vehicle:'''

Form AnalysisEdit

Character Name is where you put your character name. here is a good name generator.

Age Character Age

Species Character Species

Homeworld Character's Birthplace


Anything in Physical Description is usually allowed. Not to much diversity in them, like a 20' Super Muscular Cyberbot.

Class are varied between factions. In the Republic, Sith Empire, or Mercenary, you can be Scoundrel, Scout, Soldier, Spy, or Officer. Jedi Order is Consular, Sentinel, or Guardian. Sith Order is, Assassin, Marauder, or Warlord. Mand'alorian is, Protector, Avenger, or Soldier.

Faction Republic, Sith Empire, Jedi Order, Sith Order, Mandalorian, or Mercenary.

Position There are four you can choose from, Field Soldier, Pilot, Defensive Unit, or Medic Support.

Weapons 1 & 2 are the character's primary weapons. No non-Jedi or Sith can use lightsabers.

Weapon Alts 1 & 2 are the ONLY other weapon you can use in the game.

Land Vehicle You can choose one of these: Speeder, Hovercraft, or Swoop Bike.

Air/Space Vehicle are the character's primary ship. Only Starfighter through freighters are approved.