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"Growth is the Only Evidence of Life" Edit

Si'at Oriana Winters, Known to most as Si'at or Si. She is the ex- wife of Sarian Kofuri and former apprentice to Lady Tanith Desaevio, Empress of the Clann Draach Des Cealestis, The Imperial Sector & the Empire Space Region.

Si’at is a fierce Dark Jedi/Sith, known for her sometimes volatile nature, wicked tongue and her passion for Life & Family.

After being born into a wealthy family, then having everything she had ever known ripped from her, she grew up to take back what was rightfully hers, no matter the cost to her own personal well-being and safety, though she always had been, and always would be, fiercely protective of those that had comforted and supported her through her darkest hours.

Si’at is a mother to her daughter, Xanthe Skye Winters and son, Makhai Winters –her son fathered by Sarian -, as well as Step-Mother to Jaro Silas Fett, son of Cassus Fett . In the coming months, Si’at and Cassus will be welcoming a new baby into the family, though its sex has yet to be confirmed at this early stage.

As well as being a mother, she is also Master to her daughter, Xanthe, and is currently teaching the young girl the ways of both the Jedi and Sith, as well as various fighting and combat techniques.

She is currently residing at her private estate - 'Kesari Palace' at Ruchika, on her home world of Xiunsrus, in the Quence Sector of the Outer Rim, along with her daughter, Cassus and Jaro. She is soon to take up a teaching position of "Sith Force Master" at the Grey Academy of Dantooine, headed up by Grand Mistress Gemini Zarina Lavough.

"The Present is the living sum-total of the Whole Past" Edit

"Dark Days lead to Darker Nights"Edit

Born to Talitha & Tayrnon Winters, in 178ABY, Si’at spent the first 3 years of her life living with her parents as an only child at the family estate in Nailah. Her father was a simple man that had made his fortune in the exportation of Minerals and Metals to other parts of the system. Her mother was the eldest daughter of a village chieftain, and much like her husband came from humble beginnings. Shortly after Si’at’s 3rd birthday, her father's business went into administration and difficult times came to rest upon the Winters’ household.

During these darkening days, Si’at’s mother became increasingly depressed and often shunned her daughter, whilst her father took to heavy drinking and began abusing both mother and daughter. Talitha would suffer under the constant onslaught of domestic violence and verbal abuse, though it was Si’at that sustained more damage than her Mother even realised. Night after night, following session after session of heavy drinking, Tayrnon would slip into his daughter’s room and subject her to hours of physical and sexual abuse, - though he’d never leave a mark on a part of her body that could be seen, such as her lower legs and arms – whilst his wife, his daughter’s mother, would sleep soundly in the room next door. Talitha was oblivious to her daughter’s abuse and soon fled the family home in search of a better life, leaving Si’at with her father.

Two months after her mother had left, Tayrnon was officially declared bankrupt and went into hiding after learning that several people he owed money to, had put out a contract for his life. Thinking of himself rather than his daughter, he left the house in the middle of the night, and was not seen again for several years, leaving a scared and broken Si’at back in Nailah.

"Reduced to Ashes"Edit

In the weeks and months that followed her father’s disappearance, Si’at had been adopted by Inari & Valentin Alexiou, and resided with them and their daughter, Deianira, just outside the town of Marika, approximately 35 km from her former home at Nailah. For many years, the family lived happily, though Si’at constantly struggled with nightmares and flash-backs of the nights spent with her father. Inari & Valentin were much like her biological mother, oblivious to what she had been though at such a young age and at the hands of her father.


Si’at’s adolescence was troubled to say the least. She wasn’t one to talk about her deeper feelings, instead, she’d keep them bottled up inside until she was ready to blow. She’d lay awake at night and wonder where her parents were, wonder if they missed her and still loved her. Every so often she’d sneak out in the middle of the night and return to Nailah. For hours she’d sit in the overgrown gardens, watching as the house fell further and further into disrepair. When she was alone, she would swear she could hear her mother’s laughter sounding from the rotting timber structure, though the sounds would almost certainly fade to screams followed by sobs. Each night, when she arrived home, she lay awake in bed, as the silence became deafening to her.

Aged just 14, she lost her adoptive parents in an explosion caused by a rebel attack. There had been much unrest in and around Marika at the time, and the violence had spilled out of the city and into her home. She watched on in horror, though frozen in fear, as her younger sister was dragged from the house and beaten, slung into the back of a transporter and taken from her side. She watched as the bodies of Inari and Valentin, - the two people she had trusted enough to call “Mom & Dad” - turned to ash as the remains of the house burned well into the night. Once again, she was left alone, rejected, even by the raiders that had stormed the house, “Too old to be of any use to anyone”, they said before they disappeared into the darkness.

"The Force is all-conquering, but its victories are short-lived" Edit

Mastered Force PowersEdit

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  • Force Speed
  • Force Concealment (Also known as Force Stealth)
  • Telekinesis
    • Force Jump/Leap
    • Force Push/ Pull
  • Telepathy


  • Force Destruction
  • Battle Meditation
  • Breath Control
  • Comprehend Speech
  • Force Comprehension
  • Force Confusion
  • Force Illusion
  • Force Throw
  • Force Whirlwind
  • Force Wave
    • Force Repulse
  • Force Whisper
  • Shatter point
  • Sever Force

Light SideEdit

  • Alter Environment
  • Battle mind
  • Force Healing
  • Force Ghost
  • Force Orb
  • Force Projection
  • Force Stun
    • Force Stasis
    • Force Stasis Field
  • Levitation

Dark SideEdit

  • Force Destruction
  • Force Fear
    • Force Horror
    • Force Insanity
  • Force Flight
  • Force Lightening
    • Chain Lightening
    • Force Storm
  • Force Resuscitation
  • Force Slow
    • Force Affliction
  • Force Wound
    • Force Choke
    • Force Grip
    • Force Crush
  • Midiclorian Manipulation
  • Spirit Transference
  • Torture by Chagrin

LightSaber CombatEdit

  • Dun Möch
  • Saber Barrier
  • Saber Throw
  • Telekinetic LightSaber Combat

"Weapons are like money; no one knows the meaning of enough" Edit

Saber WeaponsEdit

  • 6ft Light staff with Lavender Blade
  • Curved-Hilt, Paired-Sabers with Pontite Crystal (Also for use underwater)
  • Electrum Saber with Hurrikaine Crystal
  • Dual-Phase, Curved Hilt saber with Corusca-Gem Crystal
  • 6ft Light Whip

Other WeaponryEdit

  • Vibro-Blade
  • Vibro-Whip
  • DLT-20A Blaster Rifle
  • Sonic, Thermal & Cryoban Grenades
  • Cortosis Sai


  • Standard Sith Battle Armour
  • Modified Sith Battle armour with Embedded Cortosis-Weaving
  • Durasteel Female Mandalorian Body Armour

"You must not fight too often with one enemy, or you will teach him all your art of war" Edit

Mastered Saber FormsEdit

  • Form IV: Ataru
  • Form III: Soresu
  • Form VII: Juyo/Vaapad
  • Tràkata
  • Double Bladed variants of Form VII and Form IV
  • Jar'Kai**

Favoured Saber MovesEdit

  • Flowing Water
  • Falling Leaf
  • Sai-Cha
  • Sai-Tok
  • Mou-Kei

"A wise traveler never despises his own Country" Edit


Personal TransportEdit

  • J-Type Diplomatic Barge
  • H-type Nubian Yacht,
  • J-Type 327 Nubian Starship,
  • Z-95 Head-hunter
  • N-1 StarFighter

Authors NoteEdit

This Bio is yet to be fully completed. Full Construction of LightSabers as well as Update to Saber Forms, to Follow, Including a Personal Statement and more detailed background to her Early Life.