Are you ready for your saber padawan? Are you ready?

Well just follow the yellow brick... i mean follow the directions


First step is to gather wires and electricle stuff that is infront of you and place them together.

  • Blue


Ok take this template and past it into your players page and place your name where it says your name and the color of your saber where it says color.

{{DemoSaber|Name=Kizo's Saber|Color=blue|Style=double|Damage=100|Length=1|Blade=energy}}

Next StepEdit

Place this in your players page, and change (your name here) to your players name. After you place it there click it to play, whenever you go to play now go directly to your room, do not pass go, do not collect... well you get the idea. [[SWRPG:SWGames-Demo:Jedi Temple/(your name here)'s room|My Room]]

Also past the contents of this into Your room befor you start here is link to players page.