This is your Room.

  • There is a Door to Corridor of rooms, select mission to go through it.


(for you to place items it, this you can edit by placing items and stuff in it, note very few items you will gain, only saber crystals and datapads are in the demo. Place whatever color crystals you did not use when creating your saber in here)

  • Green Crystal
  • Blue Crystal
  • Purple Crystal
  • Yellow Crystal
  • Orange Crystal
  • Yellow/Orange Crystal
  • Silver Crystal

Computer TerminalEdit


(do not add things here, this is for game admins to add game story advancing messages here)


(this is for game admins to place new missions in, after you finish a mission or mission group place a ~ cymbol next to it, then wait for an admin to update you on your next missions)

Learn The ForceEdit

  • Learn The Force Learn about the force and train with various masters, each one will teach you something, also talk with fellow trainies, get to know them. Explore all of the temple and talk to everyone.