Saber Droid
  • None
  • Combat Droid
  • Health:100/100
  • Armor:1/0
  • Speed:1
Force Stats
  • Meter:None
  • Side:None

To fight take your stats and his stats and follow the following guide. This is anly after you have recied lightsaber feats.

1st ChoicesEdit

  1. Choose what form of strike you want
  2. Droid chooses standard strike

2nd StrikeEdit

  1. Your strike-Role Dice, depending upon what Lightsaber feat you have follow what it says to do with the Dice, You can use the randomizer for this.
  2. His block-Role 2 standard 6 sided dice, if you roled 2-6 he blocked if 7-12 you hit. If you destroyed him procede to 5th section.

3rd DefendEdit

  1. He strikes-no need to role dice being he will hit you every time unless you block.
  2. Your Block-Follow acording to your feats, role dice to decide if you blocked or not.

4th RepeatEdit

  • If you have still not killed him repeat steps 1-3 until either you or him are dead.

5th DestroyedEdit

  • If he has been destroyed you recieve nothing being that this is only for practicing the basic techniques that you already know, or should.
  • If you are destroyed, rember this is training area, you are not really dead, just begin again, you should be able to kill him. The odds are way in your favor.

6th Return or Begin AgainEdit

  • Go back to room or Begin Fight again

Go back to RoomEdit