"Oh... Hi, how are you doing!"

— Seha speaking rapidl
  • Hi, I a...

"Oh... that's right, you bumped your head, and don't remember me. Oh. O well, I'm Seha, I am one of you friends here, we were in the same clan."

— Seha
  • OK, I was wondering if you knew anything about lightsabers and lightsaber crystals?

"O well I know tons about lightsabers, but the crystals themselves I know verry little, try Tani or Kell, they are twins who both know tons about saber crystals. Now I really have to get back to work so, BYE!"

— Seha
  • Ok, see you...

"Oh... and if you ever need anything repaired, you know were I am, unless I'm on a mission..."

— Seha