• (cough)

"What, who, OH! It's you."

— Raymus
  • A...

"Sorry, I was reading, I get zoned out when I read. Do you remeber me, did you get your book?"

— Raymus

"Whould you like me to save your spot, Padawan Raymus and close program?"

— Nearby Droid after Raymus got up to shake your hand

"Sure. So do you remeber me?"

— Raymus

"Of cource I remeber you sir, you are..."

— Nearby Droid

"No D-3PO, you Di'kutal Droid, I wasn't speaking to you!"

— Raymus

"Well, I will have you know droids do not require pants therefore we cannot forget them, hmmmph."

— D-3PO storming away as best a droid can

{{Quote|Ok, so, do you remeber, did you get the book.