This is a legal disclaimer covering our rears, however the writter ain't real legal minded and has no clue how to word one. Please do not hold this against him, and if you think you can write a better disclaimer, go ahead, just let us know before you make it. If Lucasfilm or Lucasarts feel we didn't state this right, just tell us we will fix it. Do not come down on us due to ignorance. We just LOVE STAR WARS!

We are not affiliated with Lucasarts or any division of Lucasfilm, or anything else affiliated with the two, and are only making this for the etertainment of others. Anything that has to do with Star Wars is owned by Lucasfilm wile anything that we have made personnally is made by us and should be treated as such. We are comming up with this game from our heads to make a better experiance of Star Wars. If at anytime Lucasfilm and or affiliates don't want us to continue we will delate these games. If at any time Lucasfilm and or affiliates feel that our games are better in any way, they are free to use whatever they want, also if reader wishes to use any part of our work, feel free, because all we strive for is a better Gamming experiance in the Star Wars world. However please if you are not apart of Lucasarts or Lucasfilm or their affiliates, do not take credit for our work. If you feel you want to use what we have made, link to us and say who did this work. Unless you are Lucasarts and affiliates, in which case feel free.