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How to PlayEdit

After creating a charactor they are several ways to enjoy this game. Either in dual mode or Universe mode.

The CharactorEdit

There are certain things you need to know about your charactor. Scroll down to Stats to see more detailed info. Your charactor can advance thorugh the game by getting XP and then chosing skills. Skills help you advance in your profession. If you have created a charactor your charactor has his/her own page. The page leads to an equip section, an invintory section, abilities/skills section, party section, journal section, and options section. This page and all the sections under it are called the players datapad.

Equip SectionEdit


Your PartyEdit

In Universe you can gain crew members like on KotOR. However instead of only bringing 2 people into the world with you, you can bring 2 living beings and 2 droids.

Dual ModeEdit

Dual mode is where two players or two teams of players can verse each other. Its the same thing as attcking a enemy in the Universe, however you dont lose anything if you lose except mabey your pride, but the winner gets credits (but no XP). Its basically a way for two teams or two players to see how well they have made their charactors and to get more credits.

The StatsEdit

Player StatsEdit

File:Player Stats.PNG

Here you can see my "wonderfull" artwork. :)

  • Health-#of health you have/#of health you can have
  • Armor-#of unijured "armor"/#of injured armor
  • Speed-# of speed when retreating
  • XP rate-*# a number that the XP of doing something is multiplican thing that you multiply the XP you got by. There are difrent XP rates for diffrent types of XP but I cant remeber what it was because I lost paper that I wrote down all this stuff
  • Force meter-# of how much midiclorins you have, permament number
  • Force side meter-# of which side your on Dark or Light, 0 Dark 50 Gray 100 Light
  • Credits-How much mula you got
  • Force Knowledge-Cant remeber, and lost paper that I wrote down all this stuff
  • XP amount-amount of XP you have acumulated, note there are various XP types

Clothing/armor/robes/helmets StatsEdit

  • Armor
  • Sheild(optional)
  • Special (certial wearing items give special stats)

Vehicle statsEdit

coming soon

Housing/spacestation statsEdit

  • Health
  • Armor
  • Sheild

Weapon StatsEdit

  • Damage
  • Range
  • Firing rate
  • Acuracy rate


  • Color
  • Damage
  • Length
  • Blade material

Force Power StatsEdit

  • Damage
  • Healing
  • Speed
  • Armor
  • Range
  • Special