Template:SWRoleplay Template:CatNeeded

  1. Open this in new window
  2. Open this in another window and copy what is in the box into the page you opened into the first step. But don't save it yet. Make sure you get rid of any spaces before the lines.
  3. On the charactor page scroll down and find what species you want. Click the edit button next to it and copy it into where you pasted the other thing in the place of the space labeled {{Demopstats}}, still don't hit save just yet.
  4. Place your charactor's name in the "InsertNameHere" spon and your charactor's gender in the "Gender" spot. Still don't hit save, but don't worry, that's next.
  5. Click the Randomizer and under the heading of Force Meter, take that number and place it in your still unsaved window with your stats in place of sopt marked Random.
  6. Now hit save.
  7. Now, click on the link with your charactor's name in a new window. Place the contents of the box on the Players page into your charactor's name page. Don't hit save yet!
  8. Place from the player page your stats into your charactor's personal page in the place of the {{Demopstats}}.Don't hit save yet!
  9. Now click here and chose what master you want. Place his Demopstats tamplate and his saber template on your Charactor's page in there respective headings. Don't hit save yet!
  10. Make your Saber Folow the steps for creating your saber; and place it into your page Don't hit save yet!
  11. [[SWGames-Demo:Jedi Temple/(your name here)'s room|My Room]] Place this at top of your Charactor's page. Replace (your name here) with your Charactor's name.
  12. Don't hit save yet! Tap save. Cause why whould you want to hit it, what did it do to you.
  13. now go directly to your room, do not pass go, do not collect... well you get the idea. Place the contents of This into it.
  14. Now, I'm sorry, but you will have to wait for a Game Admin to place your missions on your computer terminal. While you wait your best bet is to go back to the SWGames-The Game mainpage and view Tips section. If you want to make sure your wait is short, place a message on User Talk:Fell Skyhawk or User Talk:Supergeeky1, both of whom are Game Admins and both are regularly on. Or you can view the page of Game Admins list and place a message on their talk page.