SWGames-THE GAME is a RPG game that is played like a mixture of Galactic Battlegrounds and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. For now it will only be typed but maybe someday there will be one with graphics.

You begin by creating a character.

Once your charactor is created your character is now in the SWGames spacestation.

This space station is outside of the Star Wars Universe and your charactor can instantly transport to it from anywhere in the galaxy. There is only a shop and the transporter. This transporter can either transport you back to certain locations. So remember, if you had gone through a quest and not done you will have to go through it again if you are transported. However it is a good idea to do this if you are almost dead.

The shop there has infinate storage space and any newly designed item will be in stock. Any new item, that is not made by a charactor who has collected resources to build something, will be placed there, and the credits will go into the GALACTIC BANK, a infinate bank of infinate credits.

There are also sub-games such as Jedi Trials and Detective.

For information about the actual way to play the game go to SWGames-Gameplay

For any questions ask your nearest information droid or contact User:Fell Skyhawk, or alternatively if you want to apply to write quests or design items also contacts User:Fell Skyhawk.