I. Things to do in Star Wars Clans.

  • A. Article help
    • 1. Grammer and wordage on some pages may not be the best, edit these to make them more understandable
    • 2. If you know information that was forgoten, include it
    • 3. Fix spelling, some people cant spell good.
  • B. Clan joins
    • 1. If you are part of a clan or run a clan you can post your clans information here, please first go to our request page to put your clan name so Fell can keep it oraganized, he will then place your clan under appropriet headings and then you can edit it to your likeing.
  • C. Clannon
    • 1. This is where clan leaders can start there clans, and other information regarding it, in Star Wars history as Fannon, but more organized. Each clannon section is to be treated as its own identity, each one is treated like Cannon in the fact that every thing in that clannon has to agree with all other articles.
      • a. NOTE-the first clannon to be made, Matrix 0 is only allowed to get more clans putting there information into only by request of Fell. So far all other Clannons are open, if a Clan wants to have Clannon just ask first to make sure no one else has dibs and if they do and you and that clan whant to have your histories together in Star Wars, and interacting in Star Wars fannon fiction under Clannon then you can both use those Clannons. Also the first clan to take up that Clannon is allowed rights to it and can decide any other rules other then that all articles must agree. Please see Clannon to find out more about.