I. RanksEdit

  • A. Head Master
    • 1. Only 1 at a time. Only someone trained by a Head Master and is appointed by that same Head Master can become the Head Master. Head Master is allowed 4 padawans at a time, and is of higher rank then everyone. Only a Head Master can call anouther clan "freindly". He (or she) is also able to indepenetly create alliances with other clans.
  • B. Grand Master
    • 1. These are like Grand Masters but they are in charge of the clan in other games, they have same authority but only in the game they are Grand Master of. When going on a different game they have the authority of Knight but the title tag of "GM(whatever game they are of)". Anything they decide only effects the game they are Grand Master of and only the only one from anouther game who can override them is the Head Master. They can have 4 padawans.
  • C. Master
    • 1. Only 6 at a time. Promoted to Master by Head Master or by 5 Masters. They are able as a group of 6 to form alliances. They each are allowed 3 Padawans at a time.
  • D. Knight
    • 1. No limit to ammount of Knights. Allowed 2 Padawans. They are promoted to this rank by 2 other Kights and one Master or the Head Master.
  • E. Padawan
    • 1. Basicly they are recruits. If any complaint comes against a Padawan it must go to that padawans master(notice the lowercase, that means Knight or Master or Head Master), and the master will dicsipline that Padawan. However the person in the clan who notices it should warn that Padawan if they do wrong.
  • F. Student
    • 1. If a knight or master has all the padawans he can have, he can still recruit and whoever he recruits becomes a student. They get no privleges, but when a knight or master who is in need of Padawans sees the student the knight or master can agree to train them and they become there Padawan.
  • G. Note to Knights and above
    • 1. You are your padawans trainer, train them, help them, teach them how to play the game if there newbies, give them aid and help, teach them the ways of the MandoJedi.

II. Cursing ruleEdit

  • A. DO NOT DO!!
  • B. If you do
    • 1. After the first offence a Knight will get a warning, Masters will get demoted to Knight and Head Master will get kicked out. If a padawan curses the master of that Padawan will disciple him, or her, as he, or even a she, sees fit. However if anouther persons Padawan curses 5 times anyone from the Clan who is a Knight or above can kick that Padawan out. After the second offence on the same day the former Masters get kicked out, and Knights get demoted and have no rank untill someone wants to take them as there Padawan. On the third offence former Kights are kicked out.

III. Nexu RulesEdit

  • A. Follow them to the letter unless on anouther server, then whatever that server decides on the lamming rule obey that(lets say they allow you to kill whoever, then your allowed to), but all the other Nexu rules obey on all servers.
    • Note(these only apply if and only if Nexu returns to active servering

IV. Other rulesEdit

  • A. Jedi protector Rule
    • 1. Being a Jedi means you must serve. If someone is a reapeded lammer and is attacking someone, HELP the deffender. If two people are chat fighting and it looks like it will get violent stand by them and watch, if one goes to attack, lightning him or choke him, DO NOT DRAIN, kill only if he continues to be violent. Do not start problems, solve them. If some people are bullying others with force push wile staying within the Nexu rules, help him out. Do not bully anyone, weather they are in the wrong or right. If someone steals from you say something but do not make a big deal about it and start problems.
  • B. Money Rule
    • 1. If someone steals 15 credits from you let them have it. If someone steals 30+ credits say something but again, dont start problems or help problems c become bigger.
    • 2. Give quest money equally to all nexu players involved in defeating it.
  • C. Quest Rule
    • 1. If someone is trying to do quest and you ave gotten it several times, let the other people get it and dont hog the quest. Also if anyone wants to know where quest locations are give tours freely if you have the time.

If anyone thinks of more good rules tell them to me.