chose a Name (you must have a first and last name, and please only use names from Name but you can use others, any bad language or anything not considered moral in use of names will resault in that players deleation)

also chose player image (please use image from a SW game where you create your own charactor, and also make it a square picture) Examples of games like this is Jedi Academy and Galexies (Galexies pictures are perfered)


Place this in SWC:GSPLAYERS and fill in appropriet fields.

 {{SWC:GSPlayer-info|image=|name=|gender=male|species=Twi'lek|left off=|points=0|User=}} 
ex- Template:SWC:GSPlayer-info
*Note on User= you do not have to put [[User:<User name>]] but just <User Name>


Click on More Info on your player stats and past this in and fill in the appropriat fields, note some fields cant have info until you played the game

*Name= *Gender=Male *Species=Twi'lek *Points=0 *Left Off= *Credits= ==Starship== * ==Starship Parts== ==Items== ==Story== *

note Credits, Starship, starship parts, items, cannot be fild in
note2 also you have to put enters in


Start Game