First Time HorizonEdit

Space, beautiful as it is, still, but in one area of space there is a ship, the Victory Star Destroyer Horizon. You see the ship as you hyperspace into the sector.

"That's one big ship," your sister Jaden says next to you, and all you can think is 'WOW'.

Your T-2 Theta Shuttle lands in the expansive hanger bay and you disenbark. You walk off the ship and take in the full fiew of the hanger.

"Welcome to the Horizon, are you the new recruits?" a droid asks.

"Yes, which way do we go?" You ask in return.

"Follow me," the droid replies.

"You follow him to a lift that takes you to a circular room filled with lifts."

"Where is this?"

"This is the Lift Room, here is where you can get to anywhere else in the ship. The third lift to your left is the Squadron Rooms, where your quarters are and Gold Squadrons base of opperations is. I am Gold Squadrons official droid, XP-09 or Exo-nine for short, and will normally be found in the squadron's base of operations, also known as Squad ops. To get to anywhere else just read the signs and its fairly self-explainitory."

"Ok, lets go report in, bro," your sister says excitedly.


All other times on any shipEdit

You enter into the Lift Room and go into the