You and your sister follow XP-09 into the Squad opps door and see a man in white ,with yellow stripes, Phase 1 clone trooper pilot arrmor, with his helmat on the desk in front of him. Also in the room is a circular Holographic display and several chairs arround it. On the far wall you see four humanoids and two droids busy around computers and displays.

"Ah, the new recruits," the clone states.

"Yes sir, <first name here> and Jaden <Last Name Here>. They just flew in," XP-09 responds, then to you he says, "This is Commander Galen, leader of Gold Squadron.

"Ok, now your first mission, if you are ready, will be a test mission to test your skills. You will see to your left a door, that leads to the simulators where you can simulate your own past missions aa in addition to historic missions stored in our data base. Go to the holoprojector whenever you feel you are ready to begin the mission."

"Yes, Sir!" You and your sister say in unison.

You both then go to...