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Behind the ScenesEdit

The faction of the Fellipian Army was originally started by User:Fell Skyhawk for his squadron/clan, Lightning Squadron, so it could corespond with his Star Wars Fannon. After seing how disorganized and not standardised Fannon sites were compared to Cannon sites, he decided to make a new form of Fannon called Star Wars Clannon, for clans who whanted their own faction with its own history that couldnt be considered Cannon. The faction Fellipian Army was started then with its own Star Wars story in the first Clannon. Any time someone doesnt like how the Star Wars story is going in one Clannon they could make there own, including there own faction.

Acording to the First ClannonEdit

The Fellipian Army was started by Fell Skyhawk after he was captured and brought to what was then being called Star Forge II. He was captured by five HK units who were ordered by T3-M4 to bring Fell to him, alive. This was because when he found out about Fell, he realized he was the grandchild of both Revean and the Jedi Exile. This basically made him his master. When they got there T3 explained a little about the Star Forge II, and how it was what created the Maw, and how it used the Light Side to create ships. Fell Skyhawk, then, after seing a vission of the Yuuzan Vong, created a large fleet of ships and used the Star Forge II's cloning and droid facilities to create his own troops and army. All the clones where Phase I clone armor with all the advanced technology of beyond Phase II, and they are all cloned from the Jango Fett Template. After it was finished Fell went out to see what was going on with the rest of the galaxy. He saw the war with the Yuuzan Vong had allready started. Then he looked for his freinds, the Solo twins. He found them above Mycar. He got there just intime to, through the force and advanced technology on his ship, to teleport, in a scence, Anican Solo at the time of his death. Most of his body had to be recostructed because it got left with the rest of the group. By the time this was done he went to find Jaina, because he felt Jacen go from the Force, and found her on Hapes. She didn't recognize him because she was still in shock and after Fell realized she had gone to the Dark Side he went back to Star Forge II. After creating more ships he brought the Fellipian Army to the rest of the galaxies rescue. Though he was a little too late. The war had ended. So he anounced his arival by going to Kashyyyk and got there right after the laugh at the ended and he brought Anican with him, to everyones surprise. He then allied the Fellipian army with the new government that had once been the New Republic. Then he helped send communication satilites throughout the galaxy and help restore things to normal using the Fellipian Army. After this he opened the Fellipian Army to recruiting other people.