"Have you ever whanted a TIE craf but your R2 complained because it couldn't go with you. Have you ever thought about how supid the desighn of the original TIE was because of it's lack of shields, or hyperdrive. Have you ever loved the TIE fo it's big suround view of Space but were to afraid to step into one. NOW YOU CAN! The TIE XP Satisfies evrybody. It is as fast and more agile then the original TIE Fighter, especialy in the at,osphere. It has Hyperdrive, shields and Droid socket. The only drawback is that from the top and bottom it is a bigger target, BUT it make up for that with agility and shields. It's 4 lasers, 4 ions on its wings alone, with more guns on the fuseloge make it a powerfull starfighter. It even has missle launchers!"

— Ad for TIE XP

T.I.E. XP Advanced Starfighter

Manufacturer=Lightning Industries

Make=TIE Adv. XP1

Function=Long range fighter/bomber

Size=10M x 9M x 6M


Hyperdrive=0.5 Class

Crew=1 Pilot, 1 Astromech droid

Armorment=4 Laser Canons, 4 ION Canons, 2 Blaster Canons, 2 Torpedo Tubes

Airspeed=1,500 KPH

Consumables=10 days fuel and food