Revan Skyhawk is a Grand Master in the Mando Jedi and is a great... grandcousin to Fell Skyhawk.

Early LifeEdit

Revan was born to two parents who were both decendents from the Revan and they were historians. They found out their liniage and whanted their son to be greater then Darth Revan and not to go to the light side. They themselves had little force potential, and they whanted their son to have a lot, so they went to Korriban where the Valley of the Sith is, hoping that the Dark Force energy there whould help their son become a strong Sith. Little did they know that the Dark Force energy there has been drained mostly by Jedi 1000 years before. After his birth, as his parrents were trying to train him in the Dark Side, the real Revan and the Jedi Exile appeared to Revan Skyhawk in his dreams. They tought him the Light Side.

After his parrents found out about Rusuun and the Valley of the Jedi, and how it was where the Dark Side Thought Bomb was used, and how it became the biggest Force Nexus, they took there son there, at the age of 10, and put him thorough the Force beam. He then became strong in the Force, scince before that he barelly had more then his parents.

His parents then took him to Yavin 4, at the age of 14, scince while the Academy was destroyed the other Sith temples wern't. He was then found by Fell Skyhawk who was visiting there. Fell was able to teach Revan's parents the Dark Side was evil and was able to convince them to let him train Revan to become the greatest Jedi, better then Revan.


Revan Skyhawk quickly advanced in the MandoJedi and learned all he could. By the age of 15 he was a Knight and by the age of 16 he was a Master, and by 17 he was a Head Master. He astounded all those above him with his knowledge. He was the youngest Master and Grand Master ever. However he wasn't the youngest Knight, that was Jos Obrim at age 10.