First off this site is for clans to post there information, second off this article here is still under heavy construction, as is the whole thing, please help, but don't add until you read below and figure out what your doing to keep things uniform.

For now basics

three letter tag before a link is what it is apart of

MJC=Mandalorian Jedi Commandos

FAF=Fellipian Armed Forces

If you see a C with #after it, that is what Clannon it is apart of. Clannon is a higher standard form of Fannon which keeps a lot of Cannon, and it needs to stay like Cannon standards within that Universe.

C0=the first Clannon

C1 will equal the second Clannon and so on, however C1-infinity has not been spoken for. For ex, lets say Jaina Solo in one storyline they want in there time line to never brush near the dark side, they say everything before her brush with it is non changeable and rewrite SW history from there on, however each pacific Clannon needs to stay like Cannon only not from official but from the Clan's history and there part in it.