The Force is a tool used by force sensitive entities. Some of these entities are "Humans", Twileks, Junk Entities (junk entities are creations of Kazden Paratus and are animated using the force), Gnomes (Unless of course somebody else has a better word for Yoda's species) and Felucians. How capable a person is with the Force depends on their Mediclorean count. There are two sides to the Force.

The Light SideEdit

The Light side of the Force is used for good. Jedi are devoted to the Light side of the Force. To use it to its full potential, one must rid the cloud of anger and doubt and maintain a clear state of mind. As with the Dark Side, it can move objects, speed you up, boost your leaping ability, manipulate the weak minded, sense other force-wielding entities, and defend you in battle. These are some of the most widely known things that it can do, however there are some Light-side entities that are capable of Force Lightning and Force Choke (Mace Windu used it on General Grievous in the animated clone wars series). The one offset that Light-side Entities have against the Dark Side is their ability to see the future (Dark-side entities cannot do this because their minds are clouded with hate). Most Jedi are also capable of a Saber Throw attack.

"You are going to go home and rethink your life." - Obiwan using Force Mind Trick on a Drug Dealer.

"I am going to go home and rethink my life." -Drug Dealer after being successfully Force Mind Tricked.

The Dark SideEdit

The Dark side of the Force is most often used for evil, however StarKiller (Darth Vader's secret apprentice) used the Dark Side to aid the newborn rebel alliance. Sith are devoted to the Dark Side. The Dark Side's power is controlled using Anger, Hate, Vengence, and Malice. As with the Light Side, it can move objects, speed you up, boost your leaping ability, manipulate the weak minded, sense other force-wielding entities, and defend you in battle. Unfortunately for Light-side entities, most Dark-side entities possess the abilities of Force Choke and Force Lightning. There are, however, exceptions to this rule (see Light Side). Due to the cloud of Anger and Hate that Dark-side entities must maintain, they are incapable of seeing the future effectively. That is the one offset the Jedi have against Sith. Sith are also capable of a Saber Throw attack. The Dark Side's promise of power has enticed many would-be great Jedi to corruption. Some of these are Anakin Skywalker (later Darth Vader), Yoda's apprentice (later Darth Tyrannus (Count Dooku)), and Maris Brood (Maris encountered and fought an enlightened StarKiller and after being defeated promised to return to the light side).

"AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" -Luke Skywalker after the Emperor's successful Force Lightning attack

The Other SideEdit

This Other Side of the Force is used for creating pigeons, washing cars on Thursdays, and eating cheese... alot of cheese. As with the Light and Dark side, the Other side let's you use lightning and lightsaber through, but not force choke. Instead of choke there is cup-cake teleportation wich accounts for both force choke and seeing the future. A notible example of an Other side force user was Starkiller, Vader's apprentice, who washed his ship, the Rouge Shadow on a Thrusday. An Other side force user can pwn any other Force user except those who happen to have eaten a tomato in the last 42 hours; this is why it is customary to eat tomatoes regulary as a Light or Dark side user. The Other side does not increase your jumping ability. Infact, it reverses it. When you jump up, you actually jump down.

"PEANUT BUTTER JELLY TIME!" -George Bush after being cup-cake-teleportified.

The RPG'er SideEdit

The RPG'er Side is a side that uses very many medicloreans. These medicloreans are what make up all of the force, but out of all of the medicloreans that reside in of all of us, few are RPG medicloreans - Also called Touvatoe. These medicloreans, once you discover how to use them, are very powerful, and allow you to turn lousy situations into fun, exciting role playing.

"Did you add another side?" ~Vat "Yes... (silence for a while)" ~Toenails "*Suddenly a Digimon comes out and bites Toe's Toe off!* ~Vat