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Fiola Shaku

Until very recently, Fiola 'Fi' (rhymes with tree) Shaku was lead vocalist and mandoviol player for Moonbeam Levels, a musical group of some renown in the Core worlds. Enjoying all the perks of celebrity, Fi has spent the past year touring dozens of worlds, entertaining all manner of galactic citizens, and rubbing elbows with too many celebrities to count.

All that came to a halt, however, with the promise of a booking at Bespin's Cloud City. It seemed Moonbeam Levels's manager, a Devaronian named Quorice, had secretly borrowed a great deal of the band's touring expenses from Graza the Hutt, a crimelord on Nar Shadaa. While the rest of the group piled into their starship, Bespin bound, Fi hung back on Chandrila for an extra day, to visit her family. When she finally arrived at Cloud City, none of her bandmates awaited her. A few questions in a few clubs painted an unpleasant picture - the other members of Moonbeam Levels were likely captured by Graza. Now, Fiola has been simply blowing from port to port, singing and playing her mandoviol to small crowds and trying to figure out what to do next.

A human, Fiola is short, cute, lively and sarcastic. In contrast to her small frame, she has a very big personality, and is typically either loved or hated by everyone she meets (usually the former). She has the ability to strike up a conversation with just about anyone, and a knack for being able to cut right to the heart of a matter. Fiola's friendly manner is tainted by a selfish streak, however, and she has made no lasting friendships. Still, those who have spent time with Fi always remember her as the central figure in one of the best parties they ever attended.

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