Damon Aligeri and Mir'isha

Damon Aligeri is a twenty-three year old drifter from the colony world of Temen III. He's of medium height, athletic but not muscular, and has very light blond hair and green eyes.

He's happy-go-lucky, and very brash. He often gets by on dumb luck rather than skill, except where shooting is involved. Damon doesn't really have a stance on galactic politics, though if pressed he would probably admit he favors the Rebellion over the Empire simply because the Rebels don't make protesters disappear in the night. Aside from that, Damon's willing to take jobs for whoever's willing to pay.

Damon's life was fairly uneventful until his twelfth birthday, when an uncle gave him his first sporting blaster. Young Damon soon discovered he had what he called "The Gift" -- he "knew" where his prey would be and was able to act accordingly. He found that when hunting he often had his blaster in hand moments before his quarry appeared, and he was known for being more accurate at long distance shooting than anyone else in the colony.

Keeping his peculiar talent to himself, Damon began to dream of being a famous bounty hunter or pirate. He trained himself to be ambidextrous, until he could shoot skillfully with either hand. For his twentieth birthday his father gave him his own blaster pistol, and soon after he used his meager savings to buy a Headhunter and leave the colony behind.

Unfortunately, in the three years since that time Damon has yet to make a name for himself. His skills, though often practiced, are seldom called upon, and Damon is looking for a way to prove himself.

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