Colonel Tavar Van Bartton was born on Corusant. Like him his father was in the Military as a Fleet Admiral. He grew up in the military way of life. That is all Tavar has ever known. At a very young age he joined the academy. He went through the academy with flying colors. He really made his father proud. He started going on missions spanning throughout the galaxy. He gained his experience as an army officer. He soon got assigned aboard the ---- Star Destroyer. He was under the command of Moff Villinand. He soon found out being under Moff Villinand was nothing like he was use to. He soon found out that Moff Villinand was not just out for the Empire but personal power and Tavar also witnessed countless scandal going on in his rule. Tavar didn’t like the Moff’s dealings but he followed orders. Moff Villinand did like his new Colonel. Tavar commands his men with his Iron fist, but does respect them unlike his Moff. Moff Villinand exploits the troops for his own personal gain as Taver has found out. Tavar have experienced scandalless dealings with Moff Vash as well. Recently Tavar has experienced also dealings with a Pirate by the name of Tarvos Ghull. Tavar noticed the pirate on several occasions and never seen that he could be trusted. Still under Moff Villinand’s command Tavar still takes his orders and is currently trying to find several individuals of interest that maybe enemies of the Empire.

Tavar has a stern militaristic personality. To him the military is everything. He does have a passion for fine music. He will listen to it while he looks out a port window enjoying the view of the planets and stars.

Tavar stands a husky 2m. tall and weighs around 82kg. He is 41 years of age. He is crown with short jet black hair with grey streaks on either side of his temples.

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