Ciryc Tracyn

Ciryc Tracyn was born on the core world of Corulag. Her family was upper middle class, and she enjoyed every luxury of core world life, including private schooling, and hosts of contacts, all throughout the bureaucracy. Upon completion of her schooling, Ciryc immediately enrolled at the Imperial Academy on Coruscant, with the intent to become a military officer, despite her family’s discouragement. Though she passed all of her courses with high marks, starfighter combat especially appealed to her, thus she applied for placement in the starfighter corps, confident that her natural ability and familial reputation could get her what her gender would normally deny her. She was wrong. Time and again, she was denied placement in a TIE squadron due to obscure reasons presented in a confusing manner. In short, Imperial commanders were making excuses for not admitting a female onto their star destroyers. Eventually, she reached the end of her voluntary placement window and was facing automatic assignment to a place chosen by flimsi pushers. Much to her chagrin, she ended up at a desk job in Imperial Intelligence, processing reports. She spent several months serving grudgingly in this capacity, before she was “erased”: abducted by Intel forces and had all record of her existence destroyed. Though she never saw them again to prove it, she believed the people at Intel when they said they’d given her family biomedical memory wipes. As far as the galaxy was concerned, she did not exist.

Since then, she's served Isard in a number of capacities, answering directly to and only to the Director. Though less than a fourth of her assignments are officially documented, even these have included actions that would be considered atrocities, including abduction, assassination, mass killings, and other things that are only known to Ciryc herself.

Still, all of this does not come without its price, and, like 84% of her peers, Ciryc suffers from severe Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. To this end, rather than seek true medical and psychological help via Imperial doctors, she seeks to alleviate the problem without missing time from her work. She's since become dependent on a number of prescription medications to keep her going day to day. Also, a partiality toward finer spirits has led to an increased level of alcohol consumption. While none of these trends has yet led to a decrease in the agent's effectiveness, it is only through sheer willpower and devotion to her work.

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